So here it is – my cooking blog. I must start my reiterating that I am not a gourmet chef. I don’t even consider myself a chef at all. But, I am a cook who loves when good ingredients come together in an amazing dish.

My recipes are sometimes long and involved (mostly for Sundays) but most of the time are easy and can be made in less than an hour. I work some long hours, and normally don’t walk in the door until 7 or so. But, instead of plopping down in front of the television to “stare at the fire”,  I would much rather turn on some music, pour a glass of wine, and cook. Yes, call me crazy, but it is true!

My goal for this blog is to share my food passion with others – whether they already share my love for cooking or find it a chore and WANT to find that love!

I know this blog will evolve over time, but my initial plans include posting new recipes I have tried (and most likely altered) and have loved. Also, I will post tips on cooking that I have found helpful to me.

Today I will start by sharing a recipe I tried and loved a couple weeks ago – a Cocoa and Spice Slow-Roasted Pork with Onions. I am going to give kudos to Bon Appetit right now because their recipes are many times my favorites. They get the credit for this one!

Yes, this is a Sunday dish for sure. But, the time to prep up front wasn’t much, then you just have to babysit. Don’t be daunted by the list of ingredients – most of it is a spice rub (and I even cheat and used pre-ground corriander and white peppercorns – although I am a firm believer in freshly-grated nutmeg!). The dish smells up your whole house so you spend the entire day looking forward to dinner. Cook it on a Sunday when it is cold and snowy like I did a few weeks ago! 

Happy cooking!



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